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Assurance and Advisory

The advisory division aims at providing a first-rate option for meeting increasingly competitive accounting and reporting challenges. Equipped with knowledge and thorough understanding of modern auditing, management, financial reporting requirements, risk control diagnostic and analytic tools, EMM has the capacity to promptly respond to the needs of its clients in their reporting strategies, techniques, systems, processes and procedures. Our team utilises its vast knowledge of auditing, reporting, accounting, risk management, taxation and information technology processes, to effectively address the reporting and operational needs of a client by thoroughly understanding them. It is our strong point that when we complete an assignment, the client benefits not only from the assurance of a correctly presented position, but also from a skills and knowledge transfer that occurs through interacting with client staff. This means that we will never leave you with a solution that cannot be efficiently implemented, whether now or in subsequent reporting periods.

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Principal services offered by the division include:

External Audits, Statutory Audits, Investigative Audits, Forensic Reviews, Fraud Investigations and Internal Auditing

Management, Financial, Specialised and Exceptional Reporting

Financial, Operational Reviews, Financial Analyses, Assessments

Double Taxation Assessment, Tax Planning, Tax Assessment, Pay As You Earn, Value Added Tax, Withholding Taxes, and Other Tax-Related Scenarios.