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Our Approach

Consulting Approach

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their objectives, financial or otherwise, by contracting our capabilities to them. We manage this by performing a full range of consulting and advisory services.

We begin all our engagements by establishing and cultivating a unique partnership with the client. Our primary objective is to provide quality-consulting services that will enable the client to achieve its overall objectives, whilst enhancing its bottom line and/or other objectives. To accomplish this, we provide thorough business services and prepare high quality reports that document our commitment to our clients. We accomplish all of this with minimal disruption of our clients’ day-to-day business operations.

We combine modern business practices with traditional methods and procedures to accomplish our goal. The most important benefit our service provides is the identification and correction of existing problems to reduce future problems. These standards are the principles upon which we base our service. We have the ability to tailor our reporting process to meet clients’ needs. We use a proprietary database, which is very flexible in its reporting capabilities. These reports are modified to meet different clients’ formats and reporting requirements. Our reports highlight areas where we see chronic problems, both existing and potential. It is our policy, regardless of the minimum reporting requirements, to notify a client immediately of any issues of error, misstatement or security concerns, which we discover during the course of the engagement. We also highlight areas of potential benefits or recovery. However unless directed, we act as an advisor only and do not take any corrective actions.

We can conduct our work on or off site according to our clients’ needs. Naturally, where work is conducted on clients’ premises we require office space and equipment to be availed. If parts of the engagement require work to be performed off-site, we are responsible for providing all equipment and supplies. In instances where it is necessary to take documents off premises, we institute strict safeguards and policies to ensure the safety, confidentiality, and integrity protection of all such documents. All information we come across is held in strict confidence.