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Practice Overview

EMM Corporate Partners is an auditing, accounting, taxation, business consulting and financial advisory practice, which endeavours to provide support for established businesses as well as start-ups, while maintaining optimal organisational flexibility and basing its operating style on the concepts of modern business needs through pursuing collaborative approaches in all its work. This collaboration is evident in the nature of our relationships with both clients and other professional organisations: we make every effort to work with any organisation or expert that can assist in advancing the objectives of a client. This approach provides clients with access to the accumulated expertise, experience, resources and wisdom of a wide range of professionals. Our objective is to design and scale services to help clients of all forms succeed in the business place through the offer of a multi-disciplinary range of services, including advisory, management solutions, financial and business consulting services.

Member Firm of CPA Associates International

EMM is also a member of CPAAI, a worldwide association of independent accounting and business consulting firms with its head office and staff team based in New York. We currently have 170 members located in 90 countries, representing more than 9,000 professionals. CPAAI provides members with the capabilities of the largest accounting firms, enjoying the support of professional advisers around the world on whom they can rely. Yet it allows members to maintain their local practice and identity and avoid costly overheads, whilst ensuring above board quality of service to clients Our mission as CPAAI is to maintain a body of outstanding firms committed to exchanging ideas, information and expertise with the goal of improving the quality and profitability of individual practices while enhancing client service. CPAAI delegates its duties to four regional companies based in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and our own region, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). EMM is a proud member of the EMEA Region. This membership to CPAAI guarantees high quality services, as all members are required to provide above board services, and to ensure recurrent demonstration of technical excellence. A high level of quality and close collaboration between members ensures a comprehensive worldwide service for clients, guaranteeing prompt professional assistance wherever they decide to develop their business. Consequently, our clients know that as a member of CPA, we can deal with their needs both at home and in overseas markets.

Merger with MGI Worldwide

Where it all began:

In 1957, three firms from Los Angeles, Minneapolis and San Francisco formed a group of independent CPA firms, the first of its kind in the United States, to improve their practices and assist each other with client work.
Over the decades many changes and advances have taken place to bring the Association to where we are today; a global organisation providing quality services and resources to members across the globe. The structure of the global accounting association creates a platform for professionals to share information, resources, fresh ideas, consulting and planning assistance to other members and their clients.

Us and MGI Worldwide
In January 2020, CPAAI merged with MGI Worldwide to create a major international accounting association and network that combines 9,000 professionals in almost 100 countries. Together we are Bigger, Better, Different.

Our new organisation brings more opportunities for members and more benefits to clients.

Our coming together brings more opportunities for members and more benefits to clients with greater resources, access to more expertise and a wider range of services. It also ensures that our members are well-positioned to provide market-leading advice and can share their experiences and expertise globally so that a larger number and wider variety of businesses can benefit.
At a time when the world is become ever more interconnected this bringing together of resources places us in a stronger position to compete, grow and succeed, together.

About MGI Worldwide
Since 1947, MGI Worldwide has been bringing people and businesses together across every continent, in just about every economic centre in the world. As a well-established international network of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms, the network has a strong presence across 8 geographic regions and brings greater scale and global reach, and there is a lot of shared values, a similar clients base and business DNA. To find our more about our global group and MGI Worldwide visit www.mgiworld.com.

CPAAI and MGIWorldwide Merger